Jefferson Morgan Closed For Corona virus Quarantine

Maci Marion

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Jefferson Morgan is closed because of a virus spreading. The school will be closed for 20 school days and students will access all of their homework and classwork online or with the FIDs day packet some teachers gave out.

“Students’ grades could definitely slip if they are not focused. Other students that find it hard to not have hands-on learning could be at risk too for the main reasoning that online schooling is taking that away from them,” said Logan Rhodes.

The Jefferson Morgan School District has in-service days for the teachers on Mondays then online school days for students on Tuesdays through Thursdays. Most teachers are letting kids get everything done by Sunday then putting grades in on Monday. Teachers are very supportive and have even got on a google hangout for students to join and ask teachers questions if needed.

“Providing education online is an excellent way to keep students on track educationally. There are some challenges to be faced for certain; however, we are lucky to be part of a district that is prepared to transition to online learning as necessary.” said Mrs.Huba.

Jefferson Morgan may have challenges with the FIDs days being online because some students do not have wifi or can access google classroom. Also, students may not have anyone at home to help them like many students do when they are in school. 

“Yes, I do. I think as long as the school remains canceled online courses should keep going, however, I do think there should be more leniency. Some students have limited internet access and are already behind. These students should be given a couple of extra days since it may have taken them a while to get their other arrangements set up.” said Haley Grose.

Students can find more information on as soon as students click on it a link will pop up showing students information on the school closure.