SADD to Participate in Seat Belt Checks, PSA’s

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Eli Rafail

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October is filled with excitement for the members of SADD and Youth Traffic Safety. Mr. Corbett has scheduled activities to raise awareness for driving and riding in vehicles, as well as preventing dangerous decisions from happening. The annual October trip to Beth Center to participate in Project Adventure was postponed until a later date due to some schedule conflicts, but there are still ways that the club has come up with to stay active during this month.

One of the ways that SADD is promoting safety is the seat belt checks in the parking lot after school. This is something that was a success for the club last year, so Mr. Corbett decided to have students participate in it once again. “It’s a good way for us to gauge just how many of our students actually do wear seat belts,” said Corbett. “It also could help influence some of the students to actually start wearing a seat belt if they don’t already. Each student gets candy if they are wearing their seatbelt, and who doesn’t want free candy?”

SADD is also trying a new technique this month. Public service announcements will be made over the intercom throughout a day this month. These PSA’s will contain statistics about driving as well as drugs and alcohol. They are just to alert the students about how dangerous decisions can ruin a life.

Next month, four of the club’s members will be attending the annual SADD Conference at Seven Springs.