Kindness Counts- Even Online!

Maci Marion

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(Photo Credit Via Pixabay Under Creative Commons License)

Cyber bullying is a very important type of bullying to care about. Cyber bullying can be brutal for kids and teens, and not doing something about it can be very dangerous and harmful. Cyber bullying is something that happens all the time. It normally happens when high school starts, but nowadays many young children have electronics and social media. Social media is the most common place cyber bullying will happen. Cyber bullying can go very far, and many kids may feel mental pain from it causing them to feel depressed. Cyber bullying is not only hard for kids but it could happen to adults, and teens too.  

According to “Cyber bullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone else. It can include sharing personal or private information about someone else causing embarrassment or humiliation.” This describes how cyber bullying works in many cases, and why it should not be left alone. Cyber bullying is very hard to control because it does not happen at school. It normally happens at home on an electronic device, and no one would know about it except the person getting bullied.

Students at Jefferson-Morgan answer questions on cyber bullying, and if it should be something to not worry about. “I do not think cyber bullying is something to not worry about because people are more into technology more now than ever and it surrounds them, and messes with their feelings,” Kaileigh Coneybeer said. Coneybeer also, believes that the most common bullying is cyber bullying because many people now count on technology for their everyday life.

In a article describes at a Tennessee high school a student named Channing Smith killed himself over bullying. Channing Smith was a junior in high school and had been described as “absolutely humiliated” after an incident with social media cyber bullies. Channing Smith had recently been bullied by people because someone had shared his sexual text with another male boy. A couple hours after Channing had killed himself. Channing’s parents were not pleased with how the school tried to help, so they decided to take it into their hands with is mom even saying  comments of how she feels on television. Some celebrities had heard the story and sent their condolences. Channing’s brother Joshua is trying to help in any way possible with suicide awareness.   

Many of the students at Jefferson-Morgan believe that cyber bullying is an ongoing thing. 9 out of the 12 students surveyed and agreed that telling a parent or teacher will help to stop bullying. “Telling a parent or teacher would probably be the best way to stop bullying because they could get you counselling or talk to the person’s parents or the person about it , and work things out.” said Chesney Hixenbaugh. 

Cyber bullying in any form is against school policy. Cyber bullying is used as a way of being mean or making rude comments over social media text message or on any electronic device. Cyber bullying can end in terrible things, and should not be done. Cyber bullying is against school policy even if it is off school grounds. Cyber bullying can affect anyone no matter if what is said is hurtful or not.

The best way to help stop bullying is to discuss it with a parent, guardian, or teacher. This can help stop because they could have a talk with the person doing it or help the person being bullied from being sad or mad or however they may feel. Also, getting counselling may help stop the bullying because talking to a person helps with emotions, and letting out how they may feel.