(Photo Credits Via Vandenberg Air Force Base)

(Photo Credits Via Vandenberg Air Force Base)

Bullying has been happening in high schools for years because students want others to hurt. One common way of being bullied is cyber bullying. Ever since social media and the internet was created bullying has went up to a new level, and it’s difficult to stop since it was introduced to high school.

We people need to stop this because it is causing student’s lives because people want to feel superior over others. The problems with bullying is the different ways it happens in schools like cyber bullying, physical bullying, and verbally bullying students, but mostly cyber bullying is more of a problem to focus on. 

Almost everyone wants to know why students want to cyberbully others. Students may be concerned about how they feel about other students and may want to hurt them to feel good about themselves so they can feel more in control than they are.

“Students who cyberbully might feel insecure towards others and makes them feel better to bully other students.” when a anonymous student was asked why a student would like to bully another student. Cyber bulling will never be stopped unless schools find out who is doing this.

From NBCnews.com, this article proves that it does not matter how old you are to be affected by cyber bullying. Cyber bullying can cost lives like this one in this article and this is a problem for people growing up. Like this article she was telling people about her being bullied and no one cared to listen until it was too late. Cyber Bullying needs to be taken more seriously because of cases like this.

“Schools should give lessons on how to prevent cyber bullying” when a anonymous student was asked about how schools can prevent cyber bullying. With the information above this statement should be put into consideration.

From  JMSD.org The policy protects students who are being bullied and its trying to get students who are getting bullied by others to confess so nothing happens to them mentally and physically. The punishments are perfectly fine because it depends on how bad it is for the victim. Sometimes students can get traumatized from being bullied and that takes a toll on students as the get older like their are less social and have a hard time with trust. This policy can help future generations become more social because they have not had to worry about physical and mental abuse others have had to grow up with.

In conclusion, students should be pushed to make better choices instead of trying to hurt other students. Schools should do whatever they can to stop cyber bullying from going around in school.