Cyber Bullying is Serious

(Photo Credits Via Wikimedia)

(Photo Credits Via Wikimedia)

Social media has become an essential part of everyone’s lives nowadays but more for younger people. With more and more kids having social media one big problem that is relevant is cyberbullying. The first solution to stopping cyberbullying is for parents to check their kids at night to make sure no cyberbullying is happening. The second solution to stopping cyberbullying is for parents to have login passwords for their kid”s social media accounts incase they want to check and see if  any cyberbullying is happening.

As stated in 11% of 6-8 graders are victims of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is one of the most common types of bullying because younger kids now have access to social media so easily, that they are more available to being cyberbullied. 

Jefferson-Morgan students also report cases of cyberbullying at and around school. Many students at Jefferson-Morgan said they have either been a part of or witnessed cyberbullying. As an example one student says “it happens all the time whether it be in school or not I always see something on Snapchat”

In the Fox News article “cyberbullying on the rise in US:12 year old was ‘all-American little girl before suicide” Mallory Grossman a sixth grade student was being cyberbullied from her at classmates a school in NJ in 2017. For example students at her school took Snapchat videos of her and captioned it “you have no friends. When are you going to kill yourself”. Mallorys classmates would bully her for doing cartwheels on the playground, wouldn’t let her sit at certain lunch tables, called her hair frizzy, and called her thighs “giggly’ and “fat. 

Jefferson-Morgan students also said that snapchat is one social media platform that they have been a part of or witnessed cyberbullying. One student says, “ Even if someone is getting on my nerves, I just don’t block them because it will most likely just create more problems”. according to the Jefferson-Morgan handbook cyberbullying is Cyberbullying—forms of verbal and psychological bullying may also occur on the through email, instant messaging, personal profile websites and/or social media, texting, and the like. Cyberbullying includes, but is not limited to, the following misuses of technology: harassing, teasing, intimidating, threatening, or terrorizing another student, teacher or employee of the district by sending or posting inappropriate or derogatory e-mail messages, instant messages, text messages, digital pictures or images, or web site postings (including Blogs). All forms of cyberbullying are unacceptable and, to the extent that such actions are disruptive of the educational process of the district, offenders shall be the subject of appropriate discipline, which may include legal and/or police proceedings.
This is taken from the Jefferson-Morgan handbook

In conclusion cyberbullying and it’s happening more often to innocent kids ,and students on social media. For more information on cyberbullying and how to prevent it, please check out these links   Bullying Prevention and Intervention: Information for Educators and Students’ Perspectives on Cyber Bullying.