Student Forum Rewind

Maci Marion

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The Student Forum Banquet was Tuesday March 8th at Nemacolin Woodlands Country Club.

Students from Jefferson Morgan, Jessica Torres, Kaileigh Conneybeer, Kayla Larkin, Jenna Cyr, Adyson Kern, and Preston Wood all attended. As well as teacher Mrs. Fulks and principle Mr. Rob. The banquet was for knew officers to run and to be voted in. Jefferson Morgan had three candidates running, Kayla Larkin, Kaileigh Conneybeer, and Jessica Torres. Multiple schools attended. During the banquet candidates gave their speeches and they all ate. Preston Wood a former student forum leader said “The banquet was really fun and I enjoy meeting all the kids from other schools.”

Jefferson Morgan had one student win out of the three, Jessica Torres. She wrote a speech about working together and being connected. She brought everyone together by attaching chain links with everyone name written on it. Two other students won. One was from Wash High and the other was from Maple Town.