Drinking and Driving Awareness Speaker

Maci Marion

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{Photo Credit Via usa.streetsblog.org}

{Photo Credit Via usa.streetsblog.org}

Jefferson Morgan School district had speaker Sergeant John Weaver from the Pennsylvania State Police to present the danger of drinking and driving.

“The speakers stories made me worried about other people drinking and driving” said Finley Kramer.

The speaker presented for 9th through 12th grade two days before prom. They wanted to remind students of what can happen if they drink after prom and drive. John Weaver showed pictures of results of drinking and driving. He also told stories to students of what has happened in the past to people he has known. One of his stories was about his best friend drinking and driving and then passing away. He also talked about his own personal experiences about getting into car crashes.

“The speaker showed pictures of accidents which probably made students aware” said Payton Farabee.

Mr. Corbetts SADD club set up the assembly and sponsored it. SADD stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions. The club sponsored the assembly to make students aware of drinking and driving because not everyone is in the club. They did it for 9th through 12th because students in high school were about to be attending prom.