Go Nuts and Bolts for this Trip

Addy Morrison

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November 18, 2022

Photo Credits via commons.wikimedia.org

On Wednesday November 16th,  students in grades 9-12 from assorted classes (Intro to Engineering Design, Advanced Manufacturing, Intro to Computer Science, Intro to Automation and Robotics, and AP Computer Science) will be taking a trip to the Pittsburgh Robotics Network Discovery Day. Students will be accompanied by Mr. Pratt, Mrs. Boyle, and Mrs. Moore as chaperones.

The event itself will be held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, as well as being free and open to the public.  As stated on the website, many can experience robotics and artificial intelligence technologies being developed and take a look on what companies may be working on.

For any questions or concerns about the trip itself, please contact Mrs.Moore at [email protected], Mrs. Boyle at [email protected], or Mr. Pratt at [email protected] Any additional information about the event itself can be found here.