Tug of War with Turkey

Lizzy Corbett

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(Photo Credit via flickr.com)

On the 4th Thursday of every month, the U.S celebrates a day we call Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is known for families to gather and enjoy a variety of foods.

One food in particular that is said to be a tradition is turkey. Turkey is the main dish for most families, although some people prefer ham, turkey was served on the first Thanksgiving. The country soon adapted turkey to be the main course because of how abundant and available it was in the northeast. While turkey is an enjoyable dish itself, there is a tradition inside the turkey, the tradition is known as “breaking the wishbone”.  The wishbone is a bone found in the turkey, and if you find it you ask another person to grab one side of the wishbone, while you’re holding the other side and you both pull. While pulling you’re supposed to make a wish, it is said that whoever wins, whoever gets the bigger piece of the bone, their wish will be granted.

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