New Season, New Coach

Brooke Weir

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Mrs. Cochran is the new long distance track coach for Jefferson Morgan.

Mrs. Cochran is not new to track, nor is she new to coaching. “I enjoyed being on the track team in high school and I feel it’s a great sport. I also enjoy running. I feel running is a process and can be a lifelong sport.” Mrs. Cochran was a volunteer track coach several years ago.

When anybody goes in to anything, either for the first time or the hundredth time, they always have a certain feeling. Not knowing much about our track team, since this is her first year coaching Jefferson, she feels very optimistic. Mrs. Cochran is really looking forward to Jefferson’s first track meet.

“My expectation for the team is for us to have a successful season. My expectations for the athletes are to show progress and for them to reach their personal goals.”

During high school, Mrs. Cochran participated on her track team.

Mrs. Cochran has many strategies she will like to try. “We will work on form, breathing, and starts. We will also work on building endurance and the importance of stretching before and after running.”

Mrs. Cochran will coach with Mr. Headlee, who has also coached track before. Like many of the athletes, Mrs. Cochran has goals she would like herself and the team to meet. She would like to become more skilled as a coach and wishes to see more female runners qualify.

Mrs. Cochran hopes that everyone has a very successful season and meets their personal goals. Good luck to the new coaches and the track team.