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  • Any student in 10th or 11th grade who is interested in taking Cal U early Admit classes this summer please see the following information!

  • Seniors please send senior quotes to Mrs. Fulks or Kaylee Marion ASAP!

  • The Spanish Club is selling pepperoni rolls. See any member to purchase one!

  • Summer work will again be offered through southwest training - See Mrs. Herold for more info!

Sign Up For Adulting Day!

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Tyler Woolen – Editor-in-chief

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Sign Up For Adulting Day!

( Photo Credit via Mrs. Fulks )

( Photo Credit via Mrs. Fulks )

( Photo Credit via Mrs. Fulks )

( Photo Credit via Mrs. Fulks )

JM is having an Adulting day on March 25th to allow you to pick sessions to attend that you think will help you after you leave high school and head out into the world.
Students will not attend their normally scheduled classes (with the exception of GCCTC students. GCCTC students will attend GCCTC in the morning, as usual, but then will pick one session to attend during time slot 4.)
This is an early dismissal day, so everyone will pick four sessions, one for each time slot (unless you are a GCCTC student – then you only pick one session during time slot 4.)
There are plenty of slots for everything so hopefully everyone will get to pick their favorite things!
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Tyler Woolen, Editor-in-chief

Tyler Woolen is a senior and a fourth year Journalism student.

She participates in Track and Field and is also a member of Leo Club and the SAAD Club.


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Sign Up For Adulting Day!