Jacob Van Divner – Athlete Biography

Brooke Weir

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Jacob Van Divner is a junior baseball player for Jefferson Morgan.

“This is my first year playing in high school. I used to rob the plates back in the day,” says Jacob Van Divner.

Jacob Van Divner prefers to play the sport rather than watch, but if he ever played professionally he would play for The Astros.

“Right now I am on the bench, but I hope to acquire somewhere in the outfield one day.”

Jacob Van Divner hopes to acquire a letter by next year, and hopes to win as many games as possible this year. Jacob enjoys playing this sport because he gets to play with his friends.

“I like all the coaches because they are pretty cool,” says Van Divner.

Jacob Van Divner says the hardest part about the sport is actually playing against the other team. He has prepared by practicing with his team.

Jacob Van Divner enjoys playing this sport with his friends and takes his baseball career very seriously.