Isaac Dean- Athlete Biography

Gavin Teasdale, Contributor

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Isaac Dean is a senior and a four year letterman of the baseball team.

“Baseball is always something new and that’s what I like most about it,” said Dean

Before each game, he has specific tendencies he does, such as listening to music and writing something motivational on his wrist.

“I get jitters when preparing for a big game but I work through it and try to have fun,” said Dean

He enjoys playing baseball, having fun, and hanging out with his friends. Dean’s biggest inspirations are his father Chuck Dean and professional athlete, Derek Jeter. His biggest accomplishment is beating Carmichael’s in extra innings of his junior year. He tries to simulate the Pirates which is his favorite baseball team.

“Rap music puts me in the zone before a baseball and makes me play better,” said Dean.

In baseball, he believes having fun is the key to success.

“If you’re not having fun in the sport, then that is not the sport for you,” commented Dean.

Dean wishes to continue his baseball career after high school, but is not decided as to where he wants to play.