Jalen Torres – Athlete Biography

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Tyler Woolen

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Jalen Torres is a junior and a member of the basketball team.

Torres is excited for the new season because he believes the team can make playoffs this year and hopefully get a chance to play in the section champs game.

“I have many favorite parts of basketball,” Torres mentioned. “My all time favorite is the chemistry you have with your teammates. It is like a brotherhood, we should always help one another and pick one up when someone is feeling down.”

Torres thinks that basketball does interfere with school because once basketball is done for the day, he just wants to sleep but he always gets his work done. It is a little bit difficult for him but he figures everything out at the end.

“I really like playing basketball because it really clears my mind of the negative things going on”, Torres says.

Torres would love a scholarship for college because he loves basketball and he wants to continue his career further.

Torres mentioned, “Playing basketball in college would be pretty great.”

Torres believes that the season all around will be great for everyone. The team just has to stick together, act like brothers, and get their heads into the game.