Cheerleader’s Transition Into the Basketball Season


The Jefferson Morgan Cheerleaders have officially finished their fall season and cheering for the Jefferson Morgan Varsity Football Team. They are preparing for their new winter season and cheering on their school’s basketball. The cheerleading squad recently had their first practice to prepare them for the new season.

Cheering for a completely different sport can be a very odd transition at first because everything is different. The girls are learning completely new cheers and terms that come along with the new season. Some of the girls are excited to jump into their new season like Lillian Ladisic who says, “My favorite things about cheering for winter sports is being able to be next to the student section and be with them. I prefer winter sports because we don’t have to be outside.”

While Lillian and other girls on the squad are excited about the new winter sports, there are a few girls who are looking back on the football season and missing it. “Cheering for winter sports is good because we don’t have to be outside,” said Katrina Schmolke. “However, I prefer cheering for fall sports. I’ve never really been a fan of basketball or wrestling. I just don’t get into it. I do love cheering for football, though. Regardless, if we win or lose, there’s just something special about being under the Friday night lights. That’s where most of my high school memories were, and are continuing, to be made.”

Along with some of the girls preferring one or the other Emma Frank said she likes both fall and winter sports equally. “I don’t have a preference because there are things I love about both fall and winter sport,” said Emma. “I love the traditional “Friday Night Lights” atmosphere in the fall, but the fast pitched exciting nature of basketball and wrestling in the winter keep me on the edge of my seat the whole time!”