Jacob VanDivner – Athlete Biography

Jacob VanDivner is a sophomore and a member of the football team.

The difference between playing football as a freshman compared to a sophomore, “the only differences is that we are not as physical during practices this year as much as I was freshman year”. Playing football this year changed due to the less physical activity. Freshman year was the year everyone seems to actually participate in the practice.  So in Jacobs’s opinion freshman year was better than this year.

The biggest game of the year in Jacobs’s opinion is going to be Beth center. That’s the time of the year where all the JM students get their pride on to support the boys. The student section is always ready to support the boys.

Jacob started playing football because he thought it’d be a good time with friends. He said “my friends got me into playing”. It makes easier to enjoy when you have friends that encouraged you to play and enjoys it. Friends are what make the memories of football. It’s a place to joke around but yet be serious with what you’re are doing.

I wish Jacob and his team mates the best of luck.