Austin Foreman – Athlete Biography

Makayla McNett

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Austin Foreman is a sophomore and a member of the Jefferson-Morgan Varsity Football Team.

Foreman decided to play football this year because he grew up watching his uncles play and has always loved the sport.

Foreman claims, during his football career, the best advice he has ever been given my a coach or mentor is, “to never quit and keep going until you can’t go anymore.”

Starting every he has played is Foreman’s personal biggest accomplishment. His ultimate achievement for this season is to letter,

When asked what game he is most excited for this year, Foreman replied, “Every game because I always get equally excited for every game.”

Foreman has been playing football for 9 years and says he has been playing ever since he was able to. His most memorable moment during all 9 years of playing was running a touchdown completely untouched his eighth grade year.

“It is important for team-mates to get along with each other because we are a team,” said Foreman. “If you don’t act like a team then you won’t perform like a team.”

Foreman advises anyone who might be thinking of going out for football to, “be ready to work. Never quit and never give up on your team. Be a good teammate and help them, keep them going.”