Zack Gamble – Athlete Biography

Savannah Saesan

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Zack Gamble is a freshman and a member of the football team.

Gamble feels that there is a big experience gap between middle school and high school football.

“It is a lot of responsibility. It is a complex game at a fast pace.” Gamble  feels the game gets harder but teaches many lessons. “Hard work pays off. Plus it shows discipline and responsibility.”

Gamble looks up to his dad, and Coach Garrett for inspiration.

“My dad is a big inspiration because he played football during his years at Jefferson-Morgan, and Coach Garret has trained me in other sports since I was younger and helps me really understand what is happening.”

Gamble said that even though he is excited, high school football can be scary.

“It is scary to play against upperclassman that are twice my weight and height.”

Gamble thinks the best part about football is that it pushes him to do better every week.