Shanyce Hewitt – Athlete Biography

Austin DeFrank, Contributor

Shanyce Hewitt is a sophomore and a member of the Jefferson-Morgan Rockets girl’s basketball team.

Shanyce has been playing basketball for 6 years and has lettered one year. Shanyce plays forward and post viciously. The only person that has played basketball in her family is her sister. Shanyce’s biggest fans are her grandparents and mom. “My biggest fans are probably my mother and grandparents. They show support for me all the time.” Shanyce doesn’t have a favorite professional player. Shanyce plays for her grandmother whom she loves and misses dearly.

Shanyce’s advice to younger players is not to cause drama, ask questions when lost and to do what you’re told.

The toughest team Shanyce has played is Charleroi. “Charleroi was tough, they gave our team a lot of injuries.”

Shanyce is looking forward to this season. Shanyce loves getting play time and scoring. Shanyce is going to continue playing through high school.