Morgan Simkovic – Athlete Biography

Hayley Palone, Contributor

Morgan Simkovic is a junior who plays shortstop for  the softball team.

The softball team has changed a lot from last year. Simkovic says,” We lost a great team leader and our incredibly tough third baseman.” The team will keep on improving no matter what; their team bonding is one thing that needs to be worked on. Even though  team has lost two valuable players, they gained a lot of talent this year.

The softball team recently returned from their trip to Myrtle Beach. They traveled to compete in a softball tournament. In order to afford going on this trip the team had to raise all their money. They participated in a couple fundraisers to spend a four day weekend playing in the Ripken Tournament.

No one really plays a sport just to play. Playing a sport means you have dedication to what you love. In Morgan’s opinion,” I like playing because it’s always a great time with my closest friends. My inspiration for playing would be my dad because he shaped me to be the player I am and I always want to make him proud.”  There is always a story behind every student who plays a sport.