Erik Sullenbarger

Austin DeFrank, Contributor

Erik Sullenbarger is a Freshman and a member of the Jefferson-Morgan track team.

Erik participates in the 200m, 400m, long jump and triple jump. “My favorite event to participate in is the triple jump. I enjoy the triple jump a lot. I like it better than the running events. The running events tire me out too quickly unlike the triple jump.”

Erik has been doing track for 4 years. This is only his first year doing track for the school. Erik isn’t sure what his personal record for his events are. Erik’s sister is the only person in his family that has done track. Erik loves track.

Erik prepares for meets by just relaxing. “I like to listen to music before meets. Music relaxes me as prepares me for my meets. I like to stay relaxed for my meets and events. When I’m relaxed I do a lot better.”

Erik doesn’t see himself doing track after high school. He hopes for the team is to get personal records and have fun. Erik doesn’t have a favorite team to compete against. Erik is looking forward to participating in track his next 3 years of high school though.