Makayla McNett – Athlete Biography

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Tyler Woolen – Editor-in-chief

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Makayla McNett is a sophomore and a member of the cheerleading squad.

McNett has been cheering since she was in third grade so all together, seven years so far.

“My favorite sport to cheer for is football because there is just something about being under the friday night lights that I love,” McNett says.

McNett’s favorite memory of the season was going to a football game to Union which was nearly a three hour ride to get there. She remembers how much fun it was, and the laughs everyone had together.

McNett had said, “My current goals in cheerleading are to just be a positive part of my squad, and hopefully see us become better as a whole.”

McNett thinks that the worst part of being a cheerleader would be leaving the girls at the end of the season. Their cheerleading season is nearly all year-round. It is hard for her to spend so much time with the girls, and then have to say goodbye to the seniors, and other cheerleaders.

“The thing I enjoy most about cheerleading is being a part of something bigger than myself,” McNett says.  “Sometimes as a cheerleader, we get made fun of for the things we do, but it is easier when you have a group of girls surrounding you who will stand with you and sing the school alma mater, even in the most terrible of loses.”