Adulting Day Teaches JM Students to be Functioning Adults


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Adulting Day is scheduled for March 25, 2019. This is also the last day of the 3rd nine weeks which is why there will be a 2 hour early dismissal. Mr. Robinson, Mr. Orr, and Mrs. Fulks have been preparing for this day for about two months after they saw how successfully other schools have pulled it off. Jesse Wolfe, a senior, said that “I think that Adulting Day will benefit many students in great ways that we will certainly use throughout our lives.”

All of these classes will be taught by teachers or experienced specialists. Some of these classes are “How to buy a car,” “What does the military have to offer?,” “Fire prevention in the home,” “How to start a business,” “Wild outdoors,” and “When do I need to speak to a lawyer.” These are only a few of the many courses that are available. Students get to pick 4 out of any of these courses.

If students have not picked their courses, they will be automatically placed in random courses. Some courses require parent’s permission and a signature. Both the men and women hygiene classes require a signature. If there are any questions about Adulting Day, speak to Mrs. Fulks, Mr. Robinson, or Mr. Orr.