Art Club Visits Mattress Factory

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Isabelle Tedrow

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May 6, 2019
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Art Club Visits Mattress Factory

The Mattress Factory is a museum dedicated to installation art. The Mattress Factory was established 1977.  Some artists that in the mattress factory are Yayoi Kusam, James Turrell and Greer Lankton.

Joelle Pahanish described her favorite installation as  “a small room with mirrors on every wall. The floor had rainbow colored polka dots. The room appeared larger than it was.”

Braylee Pierce enjoyed the installation in the basement.  “All the walls had blacks lights and they lit up as you walked. At the end there was a small screen which showed more lights. I think the purpose was to make viewers feel small. Maybe to indicate our place in the universe.”

Both Braylee and Joelle enjoyed the trip.  “Installation art is interesting because it is all about creating an environment to make you feel things.”