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Noah Barno

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Rinse and Repeat
August 29, 2016
(Photo Credit PA Envirothon)

(Photo Credit PA Envirothon)

Jefferson Morgan has plenty of extracurricular activities to keep the student body interested, whether it is in school sports or other enterprises such as Envirothon. Envirothon is about the environment as the name would say. Envirothon offers students, who want the opportunity, to learn abroad, out in nature, learning and seeing many things. Besides the learning aspect The Pennsylvania Envirothon is a competition. The competition pits high schools from different counties against each other, testing their knowledge of the environment.

Each year at Envirothon students are tasked with studying beforehand, a certain field, where they will be competing in. Some of the fields in the past have including aquatics, forestry, soils, and wildlife. At the competition the students talk with professionals who have, or still work in the field, students can ask any questions about the environment that they would like answered. The competition asks students such as “what would happen if,” or “what would you do in this situation?”

Besides the competition this a big learning experience for anyone who would like to take it. The Envirothon (as so known as the Envirolympics) allows for any student willing to go out and learn more about possible careers or fields from professionals. Mrs. Cox is the teacher to see about signing up for Envirothon.