Foreign Language Club

Austin DeFrank

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August 29, 2016

The foreign language club is a club that students who are interested in cultures that are different from America’s culture. Senora Matteo is the head of the Foreign Language Club, she teaches Spanish and what makes things even more reassuring of her class is that she’s from the Dominican Republic, she knows what she’s teaching. Anybody that takes her classes are welcome to be members of the Foreign Language Club. Students will partake in trips to different places that represent the culture of mexico. In the past Senora Matteo has taken students that are members of the foreign language club to the Gateway Clipper, which had Mexican foods, music and dancing. The foreign language club also holds a dance at the Jefferson-Morgan High School celebrating a quinceanera, which is the celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday in Mexico. At the dance traditional songs are played and there is also a candlelight service. Sometimes the Foreign Language Club will go to Hispanic plays at the Benedum Center. Recently the club traveled to Pittsburgh to visit the Nationality Rooms The rooms are designed to represent different ethnical groups of different times. Afterwards, the group ate at a Mexican restaurant to get a taste of what foreign Cultures normally get to eat. All of the trips and events the Foreign Language Club holds are educational and fun. The Foreign Language Club not only goes on trips to places, but also holds fundraisers and sells some good stuff.  The students who are in the Foreign Language Club will usually sell pepperoni rolls and strombolis. This helps raise money for more trips and events that the students will take part in. The Foreign Language Club earns a majority of the money they spend on trips. The Foreign Language Club is open to anybody who wants to become a member at anytime.