A Day of Rememberance and Recognition

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Michael Pochron

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A Final Farewell
May 24, 2017

For the past month, the Jefferson-Morgan Rocket Band has been preparing for the Veterans Day Parade. This parade will begin at 11 a.m and will feature the rockets marching tunes of Battle Cry of Freedom and Washington and Lee Swing. Our concert songs will honor any person who has served in the military by playing their service songs which are The Cason Go Rolling Along, Anchors Away, Semper Paratus,  Heave Ho!, My Lads, Heave Ho! and Marine’s Hymn.

Band members are to report at the Jefferson Fire Hall at 10 a.m to rehearse with the West Greene Marching Band who will be performing alongside the rockets. After this hour long rehearsal the bands will step off with the veterans who will perform the 21-gun salute. The salute will take place during the parade in front of the Jefferson Post Office, after this both band and veteran will march to the front entrance of the Jefferson-Morgan High School. This may be the end of the parade but is not the end of the event. Afterwards the band will move into the school’s newly refurbished auditorium and perform the concert songs for veterans both past and present.

After and during the concert there is also a bake sale that will be occurring in the front lobby of the high school. This is a fundraiser that will help any band kid that generate money for the band trip that happens in the later part of the school year. The Jefferson-Morgan Marching Band hopes to see not only every band member, every veteran and also anyone who want to show respect to both veterans past and present.