Can Sleeping Bring Better Grades?

Catherine Diamond

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(Photo Credits via Pixabay)

Studies have shown that more sleep for students can result in better academic performance. 

Although many students decide against sleep in order to continue school work, the results can affect them negatively. With the proper amount of sleep, students’ school performance should increase as well. According to the article “Teens and Sleep”, sleep benefits the brain along with analytical thought, memory, and focus. Academic success is extremely dependent upon those skills.

In my own experience, lack of sleep is extremely detrimental. It leads me to personally be distracted throughout the entirety of the day, not just the morning. However, whenever I get the proper amount of sleep, it leads me to be able to concentrate more easily. Also, I do not find myself forgetting the information I had learned the day before. With the full amount of sleep, academics are much easier to perform. 

Without the proper sleep, important skills seem to exponentially decrease. The body uses the time during sleep to recharge after the use during the day. The article also states that with lack of sleep students can suffer from extensive drowsiness and lack of attention which can negatively affect academic performance. 

During the time I have stayed up for school, it became extremely difficult to focus during school. I was stuck constantly trying to prevent myself from falling asleep. I was unable to fully concentrate on any lessons during the day which eventually led to bad performance one homework or tests.  Instead of having my focus upon school, my mind is scattering between several different things due to the lack of sleep. Overall, lack of sleep can negatively affect academic performance.