Stretching Into a New Year

Maci Marion

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Stretching everyday can benefit a person’s physical and mental health. The “Rowan: Include stretching in New Year’s resolution” by Abilene Reporter News article is trying to persuade the reader to include stretching consistently to their New Year’s resolution. Including stretching to the New year’s resolution is a brilliant idea because not stretching can cause a lot of health problems in the future. Those problems can be one less thing to worry about by stretching consistently. 

Stretching is a necessary thing in the article; they explain how flexibility is lost as the person gets older. Flexibility is not much needed as a person gets older but it is still something that someone should want to have. The article uses a rubber band as an example. ““Stretching your muscles is similar to stretching an elastic band,” Huber-Anderson said. “The elastic’s resting length becomes longer.””. 

I think that the article is right. Stretching is very helpful. When I am older I would like to be able to move around however I want. I think that if I do not stretch enough sometimes I can feel my body being tense. Flexibility is a very important thing no matter what because if the body does not get enough stretching then it will just be stiff. 

In the article “Rowan: Include stretching in New Year’s resolution” by Abilene Reporter News they suggest getting a stretching program. “Aim for a program of stretching every day or at least three or four times per week.” said Abilene Reporter News. The article tells the reader how a stretching program would be very beneficial. 

I believe having a stretching program would be a great idea. A stretching program would help people have better health when it comes to their body. Not stretching can not only make people lose flexibility but it can also cause other health problems for any age. If someone is performing a very physical activity and they do not stretch their body out before then it could lead to many injuries. I think a stretching program would help everyone be reminded how important it is to stretch.