A Educational and Fun Trip for SADD

Devin Villarreal

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“Photo Credit via Catherine Diamond”

On December 12th, the SADD group went on a trip to a Penn Dot office center where they were given presentations and info on safety on the road.

When they arrived they were given a tour of a plow truck and how to drive the vehicle. They were then given a presentation on distracted driving and its consequences.

In addition, they then went to the police area of this center and received a tour of the building. In this tour they also got to see the forensic unit of the police building. The police men also showed them the insides of a police car, and they showed them the different kinds of equipment they used.

Mr. Corbett, one of the teachers that went on this trip said, “This SADD trip was very interesting as we got a presentation by Penn Dot about careers within the Penn Dot organization. We also viewed a presentation by the State Police on distracted driving.” A fellow student Catherine Diamond also stated, “This trip was great.”

These students had a fun and educational filled day as the trip concluded.