Guards on School Grounds

Would students feel better if there were guards always outside to protect them?

It would be good to have armed guards on school grounds because it would ensure our safety. This would no doubt be the best course of action when it comes to protecting a school.

If we have guards protecting the school grounds at all times the students and teachers would be able to concentrate more because they wouldn’t need to worry about anything bad happening. In other words it would increase the amount of participation in school just with the students and teachers knowing that their safe.

Another plus side of having guards on school grounds would be it would make the school look better to society for the sake that everyone can tell that the school is ensuring their students and teachers safety. It would make the school become higher ranked compared to other schools bringing in more students to both that school and the towns that attend it.

A negative about having one or several live guns on school grounds is it could cause problems because they could end up in the wrong hands. This could lead to a very bad situation and would make people doubt the idea of having armed guards on school grounds.

One suggestion would be for this is the guards should only have pistols if they are to be armed with a firearm. Another suggestion is there should no doubt be several guards on school grounds because if one were to be outsmarted there would be others to stop anything bad from happening.

It would be good to have armed guards on school grounds but everything would need to be thought out before this step would be taken.