Should Students Read More?

Makayla McNett

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The percent of people who actually read for fun has been dropping steadily throughout the years. In 2015, it fell to a 3-decade low. Only 43% of U.S. adults read material that is not required by work or school. With this percentage, it is not surprising that many students do not do much reading outside of school.

It is important to take time to read everyday. Reading has many benefits that can help mental health as well as intelligence. These reasons can include improving concentration, and expanding vocabulary.

When people have poor concentration than that often results in bad memory. Nowadays, people have mastered the art of completing multiple tasks at once, and are less focused on concentration. This inability to focus can cause nearly a 10% drop in IQ. When students read, they’re concentrated on the story, and that teaches focus.

The more book and words you read, then the more words you will know and use in your daily life. Readers can use the context of the story to infer what words mean and use them. A study found that students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade significantly improved their vocabulary, spelling, and verbal fluency when they read more.

Many students do not read because they view it as a waste of their personal time. A lot of people view reading as something that takes place in school or work, and that it is not something that can be enjoyed during your personal time.

It is important for people to find subjects that they like to read about or are curious to learn more about. In order to make reading interesting, you must read about things you like. Students should take advantage of libraries to explore what they like.

In conclusion, students will only be benefited by reading more and reading on their personal time. Finding books about things that you’re interested in can be exciting and will help with literary skills.