There are a lot of reasons why it is important to see a situation from someone else’s perspective. It can help with the outcome of the situation they are in.

When a person is going through something tough like a death of someone who is close to them, it is good to someone to put themselves in their shoes. If you can’t put yourself in their shoes you won’t be any help to them. You would have no what to say to them or how to comfort them. There are some situations when something happens to them and they act differently. If someone wants to help others they will need to be able to understand the other persons perspective and where they are coming from. Not understand their situation may cause more problems and .

There is situations you are in a when you get a punishment for something that you felt like it wasn’t a big deal. For example being out late driving , coming back home, getting yell at, and getting your licenses for a week. If a child/teen could see their parents perspective they would see that they are just looking out for their child’s safety and they don’t want them getting hurt or getting pulled over and getting a ticket. Parents want their kids to have responsibilities and know how to obey the law. When a child/teen sees where their parents perspective about it is coming from, they learn your lesson. If they don’t see it then they wouldn’t learn anything and would probably end up doing it again.

When two people get into an argument and they both think they are right, it’s good to understand where the other is coming from. They both tell how they feel about the same subject and two things can happen after. One thing that can happen is that they don’t talk to each other ever again and they are very offended by each other. The second thing that can happen is that they both understand where the other one is coming from and walking away well rounded.

These are just some reasons why it is important to understand someone else’s perspective. Being able to understand where someone else is coming from and being able to learn a lesson. The last one is to understand the others perspective to help the other person. These are benefits from being able to see through someone’s else’s eyes.