Perspective Matters

It is important to see how the people around us look at things. Everyone has a point of view just like any person so why is it harder to get our point across?  Don’t most people hate it when they have an idea and someone says no we have to do the way that the person wants you to do it?

A person might ask others to do something one way. Someone may think that it would be faster to this other way. Both view point are correct. Everyone should express their view point and say why it would be better to do it. Some people may not like something the way others do so it is not wrong for them not to like it. Someone could ask them why they do not like it and could say why they like it. People have different views to the world issues that go on. Some people are from different parts of the world, giving them a different perspective on things. It is not wrong if you do not have the same opinion about an issue in another part of the world.

It is important to see the other person point of view and how your idea of something could be wrong. It is never wrong that someone else does not understand the other person point of view but they should try to understand why they think that way.