Perspective Matters

Dennis Garrett

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Some teens today are pretty judgmental and argumentative towards their parents. Sometimes they get so mad at them that they do not even realize what they say to them, and this could really hurt or upset them.

Most of kids that get mad at their parents are on a daily basis.  Probably because they made them feel bad, they could have embarrassed them in front of their friends, or they just yelled at them for doing the wrong thing. Usually when these arguments occur they say something rude or mean. When this happens this could really upset or make the parent sad. The teen at this moment might really think about what they said and possibly feel bad about it. So they would have to go and apologize for making them sad or feel bad about themselves.

When arguments occur, teens should think about what they say to their parents. It could really make the parent sad or upset. Most of all teens should just listen and not say anything at all.