Seeing a matter from a person’s different point of view is an important skill to have in correctly observing and reacting to a situation. The more points of view that can be observed the better.

The process of learning this skill can prove difficult and time consuming but never impossible. The first way to think is your point of view, then the person(s) who are affected. Next one to learn is the affectors point of view and learning how they did it and why. Another point of view is someone who has never heard of the story and how would they react. The last important one is the writer’s point of view. For example reading an article about President Obama’s ideas about gun control on Fox gives drastically different views than on CNN about  the subject. That alone gives four different points of view to observe and give an appropriate analysis to the problem. With the seemingly endless political issues there are multiple different websites designed to sway your ideas or to further convince you giving many drastic points of view such as and are just two examples. There are also different points of view that are more in depth by actually asking, emailing or even write a letter to a person about what they think about the a current issue.

Learning about possible upcoming topics is more than complex at times. These include a lot guessing and piecing together such as a possible war with Europe and Russia. Who, what, when, where and whys are also extremely important on establishing your own point of view on a situation. With these tools should be enough to assist anyone in correctly analyzing a situation whether current, upcoming or past.