I am thankful for many people this year; these people make my life better and easier. This school year has been one of the worst ones so far, if I am being completely honest. Despite this awful year, there are people in my life who I am extremely thankful for.

The first person I am thankful for is my little brother, Mason. Mason is my best friend and I could not ask for a better sibling. We argue a lot, but 10 minutes afterwards we are back to being as goofy as always. I feel that my little brother has contributed to making me the person I am today. He has showed me that even after the bad things that might have happened, whether that be a rainy day or a serious tragedy, things can always be okay afterwards.

Another person who I am extremely thankful for is my best friend, Kaylee. Kaylee and I have only been friends for a little over a year, but I am extremely close to her. She has always been right there to cheer me up whenever I am sad and she always answers the phone when I am too scared to walk home alone in the dark. She is very sweet and caring and I know that even though our personalities clash sometimes, I’ll always have her.

Someone else who has helped me immensely with my life this far is my boyfriend. He has helped to become the person I am today as well, but he has done more than that. I know that no matter what happens or how far away I am, if I am ever in any sort of danger or pain he will find a way to me. He has made me feel safe and comfortable in my own skin and I could not ask for more.

These are the people in my life who I could not possibly carry on without and I really hope they are always around. I hope that if I am asked this again in 10 years, I can give the same answer that I gave today.