Fall Back

Hayley Palone, Contibutor


November 2 is when everyone changes the time back. Daylight is a  good thing in many ways. The time being changed back gives everyone an extra hour of sleep is always a good thing. What can possibly be better than an extra hour of sleep? That’s the best part about the whole fall back. Another reason that’s good is that it doesn’t get dark till late in the evening .Daylight savings gives kids the chance now to play outside a little longer and enjoy it before it gets dark. Since it doesn’t get dark until late evening people are able to get their outdoors things done and actually have more time. Fall back is just step closer telling us that fall is just about to come. The fall back saves money on electricity costs. Daylight Saving Time was seen as a means to help reduce electricity use in buildings. Daylight saving seems to help drives drive safer due to the time change. Switching the clock is a clear sign that spring has arrived even if the weather is not cooperating. So even if it snows again soon we can do something to mark the arrival of a new season.