“Fall back” in time

Austin DeFrank, Contributor


The “fall back” an hour that happens November 2nd is very inconvenient.  It is more convenient to have more daytime than hours of darkness because more work can be done during the daytime. The “fall back” in time isn’t a good thing. With less daytime, there is less work being done. Road construction workers cannot fix roads in a dark setting so it will take longer for roads to be fixed. There are also more car accidents because without light it is hard to see your surroundings with just headlights at times. There will be a better chance of hitting a deer because at night they’re sometimes difficult to see because there is a small amount of light. The “fall back” in time also means colder temperature, without the sun there’s not any way to keep warm outside. The ‘fall back” in time will cause a colder temperature outside and colder weather means there is usually dry air. The dry air can give people nose bleeds, chapped lips and all sorts of annoying things. The “fall back” in time is an annoyance to society because it makes the days seem shorter and it causes people to get tired faster. When people get tired at earlier times they lose motivation to complete work that they planned on doing and end up not doing it. This “fall back” in time isn’t a good thing at all. It causes a lot of unneeded commotion. It is very inconvenient.