Delays and Cancellations

Austin DeFrank, Contributor

Delays and cancellations have a big impact on students. Some impacts are positive and some are negative.  They give students a significant amount of sleep that is very well needed. Delays are definitely better than cancellations because students get two extra hours of sleep and the sporting events aren’t cancelled. Delays also shorten classes and pretty much give students half a day of school because students usually do nothing in the shortened classes. There are some negative aspects to delays though, like when classes are shortened you don’t get as much information as usually needed for tests or exams that are coming up. Plans for the classes are also usually pushed back and ruins a schedule planned out for the class. Cancellations are great , they leave students at home all day with usually nothing to do but sleep. After school activities are cancelled and nothing happens at all that day. They push back all plans for that day and reschedule things on the most inconvenient days. Cancellations are also good because you have a full day to do whatever you want to do. Students can eat food, sleep, and  hang out with friends. Cancellations aren’t as great as delays but they’re still great.