Semester change

Hayley Palone

The semester change can become very stressful for some students. The students can get paranoid because of the class they’re in or just the fact they feel as if they are going to end up being alone. The negative thing about the semester change is the fact that the next class you have is the one you’ve been dreading since day one. The new semester class can be a class that you didn’t want and you have no way of getting out of it. The new semester honestly feels like the first day of school, exhausting and long. The day feels as if it was never going to end. There is a chance that your other semester class can change your lunch. The positive thing about the new semester is the fact that it’s finally going to be in a new class learning new things. It can become a relief if you hated that class and couldn’t wait till it was over. The new class gives the students the opportunity to try something new and be surrounded by other people. After a period of time it gets boring being in the same classes so it’s a good thing for a change up after the semester. A new semester gives the students a chance to do a lot better and just start fresh again. Either way the semester can be good or bad but it just depends how you adapt to the change.