New Schedules

Hayley Palone, Contributor

Thoughts about the new scheduling are very different compared to last year. The nice thing about the new schedules this year is the fact we are able to pick out our classes and put them into the computer system this year. Usually the guidance counselor or whoever is your advisory teacher is choosing the class best fit for you that year. The amount of classes that are given to the students for next year is very limited. It would be nice to have a bigger variety of classes to choose from. The new scheduling system could be really good in the future for some students but as of right now since it’s new, it’s hard to tell. Supposedly the whole point of the change of the schedules is to give the students the responsibility of choosing what they want and one to three other classes for a backup just in case the classes you want are too full. It’s great to have a new change in this school but it can become very difficult at times. Students have a difficulty  scheduling trying to figure out how many credits they will need for the next year towards graduation. It would be nice if we were given the amount of credits we already have to start off scheduling.