Social Media Influences

Austin DeFrank, Contributor

The most influential media outlet for teens today is Twitter. Twitter has over a million accounts and most of them are made for entertainment. Some accounts tweet out videos or pictures on twitter because they are funny, stupid or something that will grab attention from thousands of other people. Sometimes when other people see something they try to reenact it their own way to get attention. If someone were to tweet a video of someone jumping onto a cactus some other people would make a video of them doing the same thing. Twitter can also influence people in a positive way. Some people make accounts that resemble a group and people that follow that support that group. Some groups may be for supporting someone with cancer and the thousands of people following it shows the cancer patient that they have people by their side so they feel stronger. Some people will tweet pictures of them holding a sign that will say something like “for every favorite I’ll donate $1 to a charity” and other people do the same thing and it actually gets a lot of attention. There are positive and negative influences on Twitter. There’s an even balance between the two different influences.