High School Summer

Austin DeFrank, Contributor

During the summer high school students try their best to make the most out of it. High school students are also looked at to be the most annoying or obnoxious people during the summer which in some cases can be true. High school students do a lot during the summer. During summer they call each other up to play sports, usually basketball. They will go to the easiest court to access and all meet up and play. High school students during the summer are also pretty much nocturnal. They probably make up 99% of the late night, super early morning traffic. High school students will go to Taco Bell at 2 AM because they’re hungry and also because they have the freedom to do so. They also drive to their friends’ houses late at night because they get bored and boredom isn’t an option during the summer. High school students also get jobs because money is a necessity for summer. Summer money is the most important money because the students will need gas money for their cars, food money for their late night Taco Bell trips, and money for pointless things they buy because they want it. High school students do a lot during the summer.