Summer Vacation

Hayley Palone, Contributor

What do highschoolers do during the summer? Well honestly that depends on how each student is. Some students will spend their summers playing summer league sports like basketball and volleyball. The basketball summer leagues are AAU, Ruckus, and others. Volleyball has a few too.  Some students are able to get a job working at Jefferson Day camp which involves them being a councilor watching little kids. There would be activities and swimming at Carmichaels pool. Then there are other students who go on vacation to the beach, camping or just going to Kennywood. Sometimes students have to spend their summer days in summer school. Summer is full of many things they can do.  Even being lazy all day and just watching movies and eating away the day are a lot of fun. Some enjoy tanning beside the pool, others enjoy riding on trials and then they’re the ones who do nothing. It all depends what each person enjoys doing with their time. Sleeping is probably the best thing about summer; don’t have to worry about getting up early anymore. Summer is a break that everyone needs and enjoys having.