Summer Days

Austin DeFrank, Contributor

The best way to spend any summer day is with friends. Summer would be very boring without them. You and your friends could hangout any day of the week because there’s no school and there would be no worries. The best thing to do with your friends on a hot summer day is to go swimming somewhere. A lake, river, pond, beach, creek or pool would be the best places to swim. Another thing to do with your friends before or after swimming on a nice day is to relax inside or go somewhere. Anywhere can be fun with friends, even Walmart or a boring book store. Most hangout sessions that involve going places like that though may often end up with you and your friends getting kicked out so don’t break the rules. A fun thing to do inside with your friends is play games, watch movies or just sleep. Nothing feels better than going inside a cold house after being out in the hot sun and just relaxing. Video games seem a lot more fun after doing hard work because it relaxes you and focuses your mind on just playing the game instead of the work you just did or might have to do the next day.