Bo Ricci – Athlete Biography

Austin DeFrank, Editor

Bo Ricci is a senior and plays midfield for the Waynesburg soccer team.

Bo’s favorite thing about soccer was playing on the same time with his brother. “I loved playing with my big bro. He taught me everything I needed to know. I hope to be as good as him at soccer one day. I am getting there though for sure.”

Ricci favors home games over away games because he loves the fans at home games.  His family also attends home games, and they are his biggest supporters.

Bo sees himself playing soccer after his high school career. “I see myself playing soccer in the future. I want to play for a college team really bad. I think I have the skill to make it on a college team. I really look forward to soccer after high school.”

With his senior year underway, Bo is enjoying every last minute on the soccer field. He truly loves the game and the competition.