Carrington Teasdale – Athlete Biography

Hayley Palone, Editor

Carrington Teasdale is a freshmen and a JV libero on the volleyball team.

“The hardest thing for me is hitting outside. It is the hardest for me because I am not very tall and it is not one of my strengths, that is why I am a JV libero because I am better at back row than front row,” said Carrington. In her opinion what makes a great volleyball player is, “a person that is dedicated and does extra work when no one is looking.”

Carrington’s goals for the season is for the team to make it to sections. Carrington looks up to Misty May because she is a fantastic player. Volleyball is the one sport that is super competitive but fun all at the same time, which is why she decided to play.

“I am looking forward to playing Carmicheals the most because they are our rivals and I want us to win,” said Carrington. When asked what she wants to work on to improve she said, “I want to make my roll shots better. I can do this by practicing until I find the spot where I want the ball to go and then aim for that spot every time”.

Good luck to Carrington in her season!