Jamie Lawrence – Athlete Biography

Hayley Palone, Editor

Jamie Lawrence is a junior and a libero in Volleyball.

When asked why Jamie participates in Volleyball she said, ” It’s fun for me and I enjoy the sport very much”.  Jamie is a libero but use to hit outside, she enjoys both potions.

Jamie thinks the most difficult aspect of volleyball is  making the perfect passes and keeping the momentum on your side and team work. Upcoming goals Jamie wants for the team is to win sections. Jamie is really looking forward playing Carmicheals @ home and away, Frazier and Giebel.

For anyone on the team who needed advice Jamie said, “stick with it. Show up to open gyms. Do not give up”.   After highschool Jamie is probably not playing Volleyball because she just stared in this position and it will take time getting used to it.

Good luck to all the Volleyball players as they play against Southmoreland tonight @ 6:00! Be sure to wear something beachy for the theme.