Nikki Venick – Athlete Biography

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    Tyler Woolen

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    Nikki Venick is a senior and a member of the basketball team.

    Venick has been playing basketball ever since she was in the second grade. She has played for eleven years so far.

    “I would like to but I don’t know my future plans so I’m undecided,” Venick answered when she was asked what sport she wants to play out of high school.  She does not want a career involving basketball though.

    “I play travel basketball (AAU and Showcase) and lift in the off season when I’m not playing another sport.”

    Venick does not have a team that has inspired her to play basketball. Her position in basketball is point guard.

    Venick said that she enjoyed the sport and she has always loved to play the game. She also mentioned that it requires hard work but it pays off.

    “I hope to get revenge on Cal this year,” she also mentioned. “Every game is important to reach this season.”

    One of her most memorable moments with her team was her junior year going to playoffs and winning her first game. She had her career high scoring game.